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 I am truly blessed to be in a career that i can call a hobby. The most gratifying feeling is to see the beautiful and genuine smile on each bride's face after they put on their dream wedding gown. I strongly believe in consulting with each bride in regards to how they like their make up applied,and deciding on the perfect hairstyle that best suit them. My experience along with each bride's preference is what make  each bride as beautiful as they can be on the biggest day of their life.


This long journey started for me the day i was born as I was fortunate enough to call a make up artist my mother. My parents owned a wedding studio the day i was introduced into this world,and idolized my mother in what she did from a young tender age. Every time I see a little girl excited to see a bride reminds me of the little girl i was, and the long way that I have come now to being a full time make up artist for the past 18 years of my life. 

Over the past 16 years, I have taken classes in different parts of the world to learn from the very best, and have worked with hundreds of brides in a studio in Toronto. I own a strong passion and foundation of skills to continue to make each bride as beautiful as they can be, and I have recently taken my talents to Los Angeles after meeting the man of my dreams in my husband. 

The brides I have had the pleasure to work with in Los Angeles have not been anything short of wonderful, and i look forward to meeting and working with each one of you brides to be ! Feel free to contact me and set up a free consultation to discuss your investments and the perfect make up and hairstyle you would like to be pampered with on the biggest day of your life !


Tel: 310-467-2393


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